Tree Trimming

Tree trimming is a time consuming necessity that all homeowners face with the maturity of their homes.  We all love big, lush trees and bushes; but let’s face it… trimming them up is not something we all “love” to do.

We at Veritas only use hand-trimming methods on most trees.  We also use the “3-cut” method so that your tree heals up, optimally.  Because jobs differ dramatically with tree/shrub trimming, we typically have to quote in person on these jobs.

Here’s a recent client we did.  She wanted 4 trees trimmed-up, as well as a big bush on the corner of her home.  It took all day to do, including green waste removal.

This ladder gets a lot of use. We highly recommend that customers (that like doing their own work, of course) get, at least, a 24′ ladder with a “Corner Buddy” on it. It helps with stability. (Pardon the “finger” in the shot, there.) 🙂


Here’s a sample of the 3-cut method after the branch was removed. The cut nearest the tree is us just cleaning up.


The pile continues to grow…


That’s a lot of branches.  And, this is only one side of the yard!

Sculpted, and easy to maintain now.


Cleaning up the mess.


Now, the grass can thrive.


Getting rid of the waste at the local dump.

Sometime this winter we are going to do the other side of her yard.  It’s best to trim trees when they are dormant (well… as dormant as they can get in our warm, Houston climate).

The customer’s primary focuses with this job was to clean up the trees (of course), get precious sunlight down to her lawn, and add some solar landscape lights to the front of her home.

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