Staircase Handrail

This one is more common that people think.  Handrails.  They do sometimes wiggle loose, unfortunately.  In this particular case, we just had a poor installation because the nails the installers used weren’t even hitting the studs.

This particular customer called us up and asked if we could just simply attach the rail back to the wall, so that it doesn’t come loose anymore.  Of course, it’s VERY hard to just simply attach it to the wall, so here’s what we did:

As you can see, there were several brad nails shot through the backboard. None of them were hitting the studs.
Another angle.
Here, we propped the backboard on the wall to start removing old nails.
Cleaning up the backside, taking off old silicone and nails.
This is a photo of the old hardware. We upgraded this because they were missing hardware.
We shot some countersunk woodscrews through the baseboard, into some actual studs.
Positioning the handrail…
After woodfilling and sanding, it was time to prep for primer.
First coat goes on! We applied 2 coats of primer here.
Now, it was time to start silicone. The customer’s entire house was like this, so we simply matched it.
Here’s a shot of the new hardware. We matched what the customer had, but less “chrome” looking.
Here are some shots of the finished product.


The back wall still needs to be painted, as well as the borders and molding everywhere.  The customer chose to do that themselves.

We’re happy to report that the customer was ecstatic about how this job ended up.  That always puts a smile on our faces! 🙂

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