Toilet Paper Holder Damage

If you’re a homeowner, at some point you may have run across this problem…  The toilet paper holder in your bathroom comes off the wall, leaving an unsightly hole in the wall.  It’s very common, and we can patch that sheet rock for you and remount your holder.

Here’s some pictures from a customer’s home who had this problem.

The hole was already patched and spackled when we got there.  We did some light sanding to expose part of the patch under there.  Not a bad job, really. 🙂

20171216_215941When applying texture, it’s a good idea to tape around the problem area.

After it dries a little (about 5 minutes) you smoothen over it with you 6″ knife.  It gives it that “orange peel” texture.

This is the finished product.  It’s difficult trying to match the texture 100%.  The proper way to do something like this is to redo the whole wall.  Most homeowners don’t want to pay that much for a small task like this.  It does look a lot better than holes in the wall though!

Here’s another angle.  The homeowner opted to paint the wall themselves.  We just applied a primer.

Another, wider angle.

And the final product.  Lighting is really poor in this room, so the picture is a little “dirty” looking.  It really turned out great, and it’s a super quick and easy job to do for anyone.

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