Kitchen Faucet Replacement

One of our customers called us because of a leak under their kitchen sink.  This home is a newer home, and the faucet connections were just going bad.  We took the old faucet off to inspect it, and wound up having to replace it because it was extremely damaged and oxidized (inside and out).  Here are some photos of the work:

Here’s how the faucet looked when we showed up. Notice the base?
After clearing up the clutter under the sink, here’s what we found underneath. The “wood” was completely covered in water and that bowl wasn’t catching any of the water. The water you see in there now is from us removing connections under there.
Here’s a close up of the old MOEN faucet.


The base was completely destroyed and oxidized.
Here’s the inside (kind-of).
Here’s the new faucet. We tried to match what the customer already had in place (that particular model was discontinued).


The plan is to go back and clean up under the customer’s sink.  If we cannot, we’ll have to replace the old “wood.”  This is still a WIP, so stay tuned!

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