Veritas Handyman’s mission statement is to provide high quality service, saving time, money, and hassle to our customers.

  • Time
    • Time is money to most people these days.  Busy schedules do not leave much time for our precious loved ones or more important tasks that you may have.
    • 2 hours fixing a problem in your business or home is 2 hours you could have made more money for your business; or more importantly, 2 hours spent with your family.
  • Money
    • Veritas has all the tools to get the job done.  Tools are expensive.
    • Why spend money on tools and materials that you may only use once or twice?
  • Hassle
    • Doing tasks that you may not have experience in doing.
    • Researching how to do something that you are uncomfortable doing or have never done.
    • Having to worry about something important failing on you when it’s too late.
    • The definition of hassle is “an inconvenience, bother, nuisance, problem, trouble, struggle, annoyance or irritation.”  These items cause stress and we’re here to alleviate them for you.

Building strong relationships through quality of service is our number one goal at Veritas!