Garage LED Light Upgrade

This is a job that anyone can do, with very little electrical knowledge.  Just know that there are 3 wires that you’ll have to deal with.  Typically, there’s a black (hot), white (neutral), and a green one (ground).  I know you can’t “see” an electron, but as long as you turn the breaker off, you’ll… Read More

Exterior French Door Swap

This customer wanted to replace his old, tired rear exterior door with a modern one.  The old door was custom, but it was “technically” a french door with only one operational door (aesthetics).  He wanted one that provided use of both doors, as well as one that swung outward. Here’s what we’re working with… Pretty… Read More

Chipped Hardie Plank

Just a note and disclaimer before getting into this job… This was a side-job for me because the homeowner wasn’t in a hurry.  I actually squeezed them into my normal schedule and provided a discount due to their flexibility.  All in all, I was out there 4 different times, and worked about 12-14 hours from… Read More