Garage Jam Repair

Garage jams don’t last forever.  In this sequence, we are showing how to replace one simply and efficiently.  You can either miter a cut above the rot, or simply replace the whole board.  Be sure to use pressure treated wood for this, since it will definitely be exposed to the elements. Above are photos of… Read More

Cedar Wood Fence

Building a fence is not a difficult task. It’s simple. You calculate what materials you’ll need, and spend a lot of time outside. If a homeowner wanted to install an entire fence, similar to the one built below, they would spend around $2500-2700 in materials. Of course, that’s with them doing the work themselves. Tack… Read More

Front Door Swap

Last week, I had the opportunity to install a very nice, iron door, for a customer that is undergoing a lot of changes to his home.  I have installed and removed many doors, but I’ve never installed one this heavy.  It was about 400 pounds, so I had to get a buddy of mine to… Read More