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Kitchen Faucet Upgrade

This is a pretty neat little contraption that allows the user to simply wave their hand over the unit and or stays on. Or, you can put your hands in front of it to automatically activate water flow, much like the faucets were are starting to see in every public restroom in the country.

The customer wanted to freshen up the fixtures in their new (to them) home. I’m actually still working this job, but had to post this faucet up. Simple design, and will be very useful, I’m sure!


Gutter Cleaning & Pressure Washing

It’s a good idea to inspect those gutters every chance you get. It doesn’t take them long to clog up, get infested with carpenter ants, or discolor your home. How do we know this? Wellll….

As you can see, it’s extremely common to let the things go.

To fix this, we cleared out all the gutters by hand first. Then we pressure washed them, to clean them up, and unclog the downspouts. It took awhile, but was needed. Afterwards, we’re pressure washed the entire house.

Looks great now!

This customer hasn’t seen this yet, but I’m sure they’ll love how fresh the home looks now!

Call/text us for your free estimate!

Hanging Floating Shelves, Artwork, Coat Hanger, and a Mirror

Veritas Handyman Services was able to work for a new customer in the Sugar Land, TX area this weekend.  The neighborhood was New Territory, and we just love it there!  I guess we’re a bit biased since we live there, too. 🙂

Anyway… It was our pleasure to wall-mount some floating shelves, and other items, for this customer.  They just moved from out of state, and were looking to get some checklist items handled.

We’ve all been there, but no problem!  We’ve got you covered!

Here are some photos of the job:

The mirror was a little heavy and the shelf was heavier.  Strong anchors were used.
The three floating shelves were made from metal.
Lovely Kincade in the bedroom.
Four magazine-type shelves to the right of the entertainment center.
Office shelf system anchored to the wall.  There’s another, identical one that we did, on the other side.

There were a couple more items, but we forgot to get photos of them.  Mounting anything to the wall (sheet rock) is a very simple DIY job; but folks simply don’t have the time, patience, or tools to do it the way they envision it in their minds.

The family was happy with the results!  We’d imagine that they were probably a lot happier that these items were finally off their checklist.

Call VHS today if you have something that you need secured to the wall.  (346) 274-2614

Another “Under Kitchen Sink” Repair

We at Veritas are not concerned with any kind of fix a customer needs.  Under the sink, or under the house!  Your satisfaction is our number one priority.

The pictures below are from a recent client that had mold and mildew buildup under the kitchen sink.  Our goal was to clean this up properly, and at the lowest cost possible.

Check out what we did for her. 😉


Needless to say, the customer is very happy with this clean up work.  “Many” handymen, and customer’s alike, do NOT like doing this type of work.  It can be taxing on your knees, back, and joints.  Give us a call and we’ll knock this one out for you!

Pool Services

Veritas can assist you in planning where you want to go next with your swimming pool.  The client below used us to completely convert their pool to a saltwater setup, with a variable pump.


Customer wanted this cleaner pump removed, and opted for an all electric model.
Pool pump replacement.
Here’s the different pool pumps. The old one on the left is single speed, and the one on the right is a newer “variable speed” pump.l


Converting the same customer to a saltwater setup.
New saltwater generator control panel added.
Saltwater generator attached to pool.

If you’re interested in doing something similar, give us a call and we’ll do what we can to help.

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